Pubblicato in Events il 01/12/2022

Hurry, hurry to the great two-wheeled amusement park! To an EICMA that is increasingly Malossiland, the space in which to give vent to adrenaline and the unbridled passion for wheelies. And you skid them. And all the other nice stuff we like. An amusement park, which is now officially the base camp for all the most followed YouTubers, who have chosen our stand as the ideal place to meet and increase their reach (which is already a lot).

You know we like to rock, but this year we wanted to do it even more: beyond the fair, beyond the exhibition, beyond everything. Malossi at EICMA was the fulcrum of the delirium to which this fair has accustomed us, the epicenter of the earthquake of rowdy eager to see know taste hear the news. A cathartic moment of creative chaos: as in a surreal carnival, helmets, bars of soap, stickers and assorted gadgets were thrown instead of candies.

Under the guidance of an exceptional star performer – our Henry, of course, and who else – the week was a continuous crescendo of enthusiasm: everywhere, between the stands, word of mouth brought more and more visitors to converge on our stand.

All in the name of involvement: the Moto Trainer, the driving simulator already tested at the World Malossi Day at the end of September….it had such a level of approval that it crashed at the climax (you took our motto a little too literally).The calendar,a project in which we believed to the point of asking the star Callo Albanese to be its author. The launch of Veloce web-series,a project in which our Riccardo Malossi has put all of himself and which will be officially released on December 8th (save the date!).

Direct involvement and attention to vehicles: the Booster, a great 90s revival that for all those born in the previous two decades was an object of desire, masterfully rethought here by the genius of Enko. Not to mention the Italjet Dragster, a real novelty in the scooter field, beautiful in its malossized livery.

Henry Favre, from an unspecified point on the globe sends us this message in the bottle: “There are many ways to lose your voice, but my favorites are sleeping with air conditioning, singing for love or living a week at Eicma. This he year was something that either made me lose my job or made history this time. Someone managed to get Malossi to write, on each box, the phrase that says “now go and smash everything”. It is a motto, a slogan or what we did at this latest edition of the super fair. Everything was perfect, there were mopeds, mufflers and our image girls. There were also appetizers and many new faces ready to get their hands dirty or to stick the first Malossi stickers on the moped. Probably someone with a tie will pull our ears for the mess made during the various shows, but that’s how we are. On the other hand, whether it’s a muffler or a crowd screaming inside a pavilion, the important thing is to make a big mess. Mission accomplished once again. As long as there are more mufflers than batteries, I’ll keep playing with bikes, then probably buy a pony.”