Pubblicato in Malossi GAS il 05/06/2023

The Malossi Gas (Great Adventures Series) project lands in Morocco with a Piaggio Bravo. Well yes. Giulio Romito, a photographer from Puglia (who according to him understands little about mechanics) who moved to Milan, contacted us to embark on a “slow” adventure with a ’75 Piaggio Bravo. We accepted his challenge because, as you well know, the moped world is now fully in our ropes and we have developed a lot of components over the years.

A journey is not a journey without unexpected events

Supported in this journey by his mechanic from Lecce (on board another Bravo with a much more custom style, similar to our Mini Cicciolo and Raudo), unfortunately they did not finish as they were out of time with respect to the timing of the event in which they took part. “Unfortunately or fortunately”, as Giulio tells us, “we had some unforeseen events. In reality, a journey without unforeseen events is not nice (and this reminds us a bit of the guys from A Plen Tubo). Unforeseen events let you know places and people. In Spain we met a mechanic who was super passionate about Vespas, he had all the spare parts for them, but alas the mopeds there weren’t so marketed and the spare parts we brought weren’t enough. I even had to tow the other moped for a few kilometers I have to admit that with the Malossi components he flew, to the point of having to take off the gas and wait for Carlo (his mechanic)”.

New cultures and new continents

The landing in Tangier in Morocco was however an important milestone, they will arrive in Marrakech next time. Because Giulio doesn’t like sitting still, and he also likes to take risks: “I started my moped at 7 in the morning in the medina of Tangier. The whole sound of the Bravo reverberated. It makes a lot of noise, people turned around when I passed. I like it a lot for that”. Biella-Marrakech. 11 days, 250 km non-stop every day without a precise destination. 18 mopeds departing from Biella divided into two categories, mopeds and scooters. “We lost 2 days to fix the mopeds, because as I told you, the route included the entire French and Spanish coast road up to the Strait of Gibraltar. In the next trips I would like to change the panorama a bit. Europe, also from the point of view social, is known. I want to experience new cultures. New continents.”

Yes, travelling!

The project was born from the continuous desire to travel. Giulio is now a veteran in two-wheeled travel, with a history of Mongol Rally. Why Bravo? “I wanted to take a trip with a more particular, old vehicle that would allow me to enjoy the journey. My trainer had recommended it to me because unlike the Ciao, for example, it has double front and rear shock absorption. I wanted to preserve my back “. With this trip she was associated a fundraiser for pediatric oncomatology in Taranto to which Giulio will officially deliver the proceeds in the coming weeks. Travelling for the social. The Bravo was originally supposed to go up for auction, but once you buy a moped you fall in love with it. It always ends like this. “To my share of the proceeds, I will add my share. I will practically buy the vehicle myself, I can no longer part with it. I will spend the whole summer season at the beach with him.”

“My experience tells me that it’s always like this: wherever you are, there’s always someone who lends you a hand and who has passion. Then a vehicle, how can you not love it. I remember a boy in Spain who, while we were taking some photos and videos for the travel documentary, he interrupted us as he wanted to contribute to all costs, giving us 10 euros for the mixture.” And speaking of mixture, having missed the main event dedicated to 50cc vehicles, Giulio says that any reply will not be lost for anything in the world. At the next Miscela Day we are waiting for you too! And, if you love traveling and two-wheeled vehicles… write to us! The next protagonists of Malossi GAS could be you!