Pubblicato in Trophies il 20/12/2021

An adventure born by chance that has turned into incredible projects

We know him for his sporting merits in the motorcycle field, but also for his videos with thousands of views. He loves to define himself as a pilot, but also as a content creator at the same time. Who are we talking about? By Luca Salvadori, the special coach of the Malossi Racing Academy. We interviewed him and he freely told us what his 2021 with Malossi was like, and what it will be …

Let’s start from the beginning, because “The relationship with Malossi was born as it happens with the most beautiful adventures by pure chance, from a first contact a lot of ideas and projects to be realized started. We arrived at the end of the year that I tried all the vehicles of Malossi and I really enjoyed myself in the competitions reserved to scooters.

Luca was mainly involved to be the special coach of the first scooter academy. He helped the 10 participants to challenge their limits and saw them grow sportingly from the first to the last stage: “Being an Academy coach was a wonderful experience. An atypical coach, the one who entered the track to see the progress. of the boys but he also challenged them, I was a big target. In the first race everyone made mistakes, the boys dared but unfortunately they fell and were inexperienced, while at the end of the year, after a long journey in which they had become familiar with the vehicle, it was a incredible battle on equal terms. It can be said that the pupil has surpassed the master in this case and won with merit.”

A first year of Academy that proved to be a success, an experience that has also become a real mini series on our YouTube channel, and in which Malossi has decided to invest also for 2022 in this adventure entirely dedicated to young people pilots and replicate the winning formula with some news. A winning team does not change, they say: the special coach and the two technical partners Shoei Italia and Stylmartin have been reconfirmed. The Academy will start in April with the first national date of the Trofei Malossi scheduled at the Modena Autodrome, but the applications for the selections will end on January 16th.

Being involved in the novelties of the Trofei Malossi now in their 34th edition, given his ten-year experience on motorcycles, Luca could not fail to be involved also for a very special project, that of the development on the track of the Malossi components for the new T-Max. 560. “The test on the T-Max was also a crazy experience, I had never tried it on the track and all worked out with Malossi components. You can feel the difference a lot and the great thing was trying a sort of prototype, the new model on which we did a good job together. It would be interesting to try it again next year and see the differences due to all these months of development”

The last experience of the Milanese rider was the test of the indomitable beast called Zip at the Vallelunga racetrack with the Malossi Race Rent formula. “It is impressive to see the zips whiz, which basically make 40km / h, at 170 in Vallelunga. See how much power you can get out of a vehicle like this is to be left speechless. In fact, next year we will create something incredible, but this is a spoiler and more on that later.”

Luca was our welcome guest also at Eicma, where he unleashed his followers, who flocked in thousands to have his autograph and take a picture. On this occasion he also launched with a video spoiler of the projects in the pipeline with us for next year: “to discuss some other previews of 2022 projects with Malossi I can tell you that next year I will make my debut in uphill races and it will be an exclusive project to follow on our social channels”

In the last stage the pupil overtakes the teacher