Pubblicato in Events il 30/09/2022

Trofei Malossi circus has arrived in Vallelunga!

Come mrs and mss, the Trofei Malossi circus has arrived in Vallelunga! Punctual as every year, Sunday was World Malossi Day. Fun for young and old, for families, all relatives, with rich prizes and cotillons. What then, it is not that one goes to the WMD just to take home a trophy … Even if someone the trophy (in the classical world it indicated the spoils of the conquered enemy, but no one was hurt here!), On the contrary, the Trophies brought home right here. With Francesco Buscema‘s victory in the World Malossi Cup, the circus and … it’s been a blast also ended for 2022.

A perfect day: a walk in the pit lane in the midst of mechanics riders out of phase and fine-tuned of the vehicles and – cool of cool – the most famous simulator in the world (the one used in MotoGP, to understand) that for the first time mounted one scooter. The legendary ZIP full Malossi. And, as they say, “wet trophies lucky trophies” (don’t you say?): We didn’t miss even the early autumn drizzle that gave the Roman countryside a particular flavor and scent, for once more than grills more than grilling.

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