Pubblicato in Malossers il 01/08/2023

Filed the Malossi Delivery, Henry Favre wanted to pass on his passion for mopeds and travel to other adventurers. This is how the new Youtube format “Traveling with Henry” was born, a series, currently consisting of two episodes, where the moped star will accompany 8 passionate young people selected on social media, on a 500 km journey with a destination unknown to them. Where does the name of the format come from? Henry himself explains it to us: “We spent days interlocking the words “moped, trip or ciao” but then I plunged into this super ego title, which however makes you understand my travel style: very agricultural and very slow. You know those organized trips where everything works and you follow a detailed program? Here, exactly the opposite.

8 guys, 8 mopeds and Emilio

Contingencies, difficulties and breakups? They have been the order of the day. “I chose 8 adventurers that I had never met: the greatest difficulty of a guide who should be an expert in the field of travel, is to “demonstrate that even in the face of the worst unexpected event one can smile”. We had so many problems for small and micro – faults which, however, are the ones that lead to the slowdown of the caravan. Bad to say, but we all prayed to break something to spend a few minutes saying shit in any dialect.” The audience of moped lovers brought together people from all over Italy: the mopeds were all in different conditions and Henry took them into custody before leaving to sort them out and “adapt” them to the spirit of travel and long distances (with lots of the new gearbox).

This time, unlike the other formats, Henry was not on 2 wheels to follow the feat, but on a truly unique 4 wheel that he called Emilio, in honor of the flood in Emilia Romagna during which he lent his aid by this means. “Emilio? A huge non-hybrid and very showy truck, the assistance vehicle to solve every problem. First rule: if the moped is not fixed within 5 minutes, it is loaded into the back of the truck and fixed overnight. Rule number two: the mixture on the go must be made at least 3%, on the other hand it’s like being on the Vallelunga straight for at least 150km a day.

Slow travelling

Henry but… where did you sleep? Have you planned stages? “I should say yes, only because Malossi’s great bosses probably read this: but in reality I have planned very little in terms of “we stop here” or “let’s eat here”. On the other hand, with a slow, group pace and probably a bit tending to “grippante”, you can’t decide everything beforehand and create false expectations. But the trick is to show that even in the face of a gigantic storm, everything goes smoothly.

Traveling with a moped is also this: some unexpected events but a great desire to enjoy the journey slowly and savor the landscapes and places. A return to nature, to friendship and to wanting to get your hands dirty with components and old mopeds that smell of Blend. All this and much more in the first episode of the series

An unknown destination

The guys embarked on a journey across the Alps with an unknown destination, facing uncertain passes and meteorological situations: a challenge with themselves to reach an unknown goal with a French flavour. The truth is that they will find themselves among 300 other mopeds, a veritable gathering on the passes of the French Alps with many enthusiasts. Gathering that Malossi sponsored and promoted together with Henry Favre. A nice package of memories to take home, isn’t it? We tell you about it in the second episode.

On the other hand, given the previous experiences of the multi-traveler Favre, we couldn’t expect something simple… and while he was taking these 8 brave “on a trip”, he was already planning one of the next adventures. How do you say: new round, new race? “Here it’s like a delivery, but that lasts a week and with lots of new friends. It’s wonderful to create videos that tell what we live, but what happens with the cameras off is even more beautiful: friendships, barbecues and motoring stories are born. Definitely I will ask “Mamma Malossi” to give us new opportunities of this kind to let us spend nights changing points and condensers, perhaps in the cold or why not, in the desert.