Spain-Germany with an Aerox to conquer us!

Pubblicato in Malossers il 03/07/2023

Spain-Germany with an Aerox to conquer us! David is 20 years old, from Mallorca (he reminds us of someone!), he has a great desire to do things and a great passion for two wheels. Passion that he also cultivates through the creation of content on social media (where he calls himself Derbisendaa, then we’ll find out why…), and that’s exactly how we met a brand enthusiast like him in Spain! “I’m not a rider, all my vehicles are devoted to the road and to enthusiasts. In Spain I am one of the first creators of 50cc two-wheels. Why is Derbisendaa my nickname on social media? My first bike was a Derbi Senda, that’s simple!”

A dream that becomes reality with our colors

6 bikes in the garage, all basic 50cc, but all tuned, and among them only one scooter, the Aerox… one of the most loved by the new generations. And it was precisely with this Malossi scooter from the head to the tires that he embarked on a journey that was complicated but exciting at the same time: from Valencia (where David is studying audiovisual communication at university), to the Nürburgring circuit. A destination that has become, over the years, a myth for lovers of car and motorbike competitions. And so David, a bit for fun, dreamed with a friend of his to get there on a scooter… and he did! “I did this trip with my father who was following me in the car, he’s 40 years old and is a motorcycle enthusiast, and he’s the one who helps me with the mechanics….I confess I can clean a carburetor at best. I have wanted to make it completely Malossi as a tribute to the Trofei Malossi, which are very well known in the scooter world. Furthermore, the colors are very bright and attract attention, I like them”.

The most famous Aerox in Spain

He made the trip in the winter and he tells us “I work and study in the summer, I could never have done it”. And after thousands of kilometres, the flaming Aerox needs a new dress: one of the next projects that Derbisendaa will bring to his YouTube channel (where he has 50,000 subscribers), is the restoration of the iconic vehicle that accompanied him in his dream of a lifetime. We decided to support him from a technical point of view and soon on his channels (including Tik Tok), you will see a lot of content in collaboration with us, some of which is still super top secret!

Passion has no age

“I will probably come to Italy soon to see the company and the last stage of the Trophies in Varano!”. Not on a scooter this time, because such a long journey with such a vehicle is demanding, he tells us. “I’ve been to San Marino, my father is a rally enthusiast…I can’t wait to visit you, I’ve printed a lot of custom clothing with your brand”. David will probably come to visit us often, even at Eicma, whom he already knows thanks to some Italian YouTubers he follows (including Henry Favre and his sprees on our channels). An all-round “ambassador” of our brand in Iberian land followed by both adults and children, because David loves to talk about engines to a vast audience: his followers are from 15 to 50 years old….because as we all know, passion has no age!

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