Pubblicato in Malossi GAS il 13/10/2017

We interviewed Fabio Valerio Romano, protagonist of the Malossi GAS 2017, just returned from his trip.

  1. Was the Malossi GAS your first Vespa trip?

Yes, I did others with motorbike, but I must admit that with Vespa it’s just another way of traveling.

  1. Tell us your itineray:

Embarkation at Civitavecchia and landing in Palermo.

In Palermo I visited the city’s major sights.

Then I moved to Marsala where I visited the most evocative places in the province.

I also reached Monte Erice along a scenic road with Saline and Isole Elolie view.

I visited the salt lakes both in Trapani and Marsala and the biggest kitesurf spots in the area where I practiced this sport I love so much.

  1. 3. Was the travel organization simple?

Not really, as the entire planning has been heavily influenced by wind conditions, necessary for kitesurfing.

  1. Did you travel alone?

From Civitavecchia to Marsala I traveled with my sister as a passenger, afterwards my partner and a friend, with whom I shared the Erice trip, joined us.

  1. Did you meet other Vespa travelers during your journey?

On rmy way back I met a guy from Palermo who was riding to Rome with a Vespa PX 125.

  1. Can you tell us a funny episode that happened to you?

When I was in Trapani kite spot there were many Germans who, pleasantly impressed by the beautiful livery of my Vespa, had nicknamed me Mr. Malossi: when I went to the water, they were always shouting at me: “jump Mr. Malossi, jump!! ”

  1. What is the most difficult aspect of a Vespa trip?

In places like Sicily the roads are very rough, and running with a small wheeled vehicle sometimes was tiring, but Malossi suspensions helped me a lot!

  1. Have there been any differences between your expectations on travel and reality?

A problem with the transmission changed my travel itinerary by leaping the stage of Agrigento … but these unforeseen events are part of the charm of this kind of trip.

  1. What is, in your opinion, the best place you visited?

The Stagnone natural reserve and the Saline: they are full of magic that will remain in my heart.

  1. Did this journey change you?

I would not say so, but it increased my urge to organize other Vespa rides: on my next trip I would like to discover Sardinia.

  1. What advice would you give to next Malossi GAS applicants?

I have only one suggestion: just do it! It’s a wonderful experience and Malossi support was very important both in the preparation of the trip and during my ride.

  1. What’s your opinion about Malossi components?

They are fantastic! All Malossi components had great performance even on a challenging journey like mine.