The RC ONE Malossi engines collaboration with Pirelli and Moto Club Benelli won 6 scooter speed world records Bonneville

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The RC-one MALOSSI engines, in collaboration with Pirelli and Moto Club Benelli, won 6 Scooter Speed World Records in the famous Bonneville Salt Lake circuit.

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah (USA), September 7, 2017 – Malossi contributed to reaching 6 Scooter Speed World ​​Record with a Benelli 491 equipped with Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires and a RC-one engine entirely designed and manufactured by Malossi.

Malossi, world leader in design and manufacture scooter engines and special parts, passed the project to Fabio Fazi, who prepared the vehicle in collaboration with Moto Club Benelli.

Mr Fazi bet the launched kilometer and the launched mile record for the 50cc category with 114.823 km / h (71.347 mph) and 71.294 mph (114.737 km / h) speed.


Mr Mauro Sanchini achieved four World Records. He is a former Superbike World Championship driver and he comments MotoGP ™ Championship for Sky Italia channel now. Sanchini, who began his career running with Malossi in the early 90s, returned to compete for this adventure. He set the World Record with a speed of 133.002 km / h (82.643 mph) on the launched kilometer and 82.436 mph (132.668 km / h) on the launched mile for the 85cc class and 142,088 km / h (88,289 mph) and 88,181 mph (141,914 km / h) respectively with a 100cc engine.


The choice of Benelli 491 was particularly courageous because of Bonneville extreme conditions. Only a talented team such as Fabio Canetoli –  Malossi R & D Director – and Jörg Möller, the great two-stroke engineer who has been working with Malossi for over 20 years, could embark on this epic quest!


Mauro Sanchini rethink those moments: “You left home with excitement and enthusiasm given by the sacred Bonneville circuit … you arrive here and realize it’s more beautiful than you dreamed. You look around and see an immense, white expanse … You roll up your eyes and see special, different mountains … you’re suddently catapulted into an old western movie, ready to ride your horse, metal and plastic made, with a pulsating heart inside.

It’s time to go down the track: the rear wheel tends to slide, the handlebar vibrates to such an extent that front wheel jumps … you know that wouldn’t be a breeze to ride the salt lake … it wants respect. It’s very difficult to ride because of ripples and holes: they cause engine troubles … salt it’s slippery although compact… the altitude (1286 mt msl) and trees absence cause a lack of oxygen inside the two-stroke engine … Bonneville shouldn’t be challenged, you have to befriend it”

The “Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway” is situated in the north of Utah (USA). It’s covered with a 2 meters salted crust, a legacy of an evaporated prehistoric saltwater lake. Any form of vegetation can’t grow as a result.

The six World Records have been validated by AMA – the US Motorcycle Federation and FIM – the International Motorcycle Federation.

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Mrs. Alessandra Malossi

Head of Commercial Services