Pubblicato in Events il 05/05/2023

Miscela Day: what a bomb! The one we saw on stage at the Modena racetrack about two weeks ago, on the very first spring weekend, was a real motorbike festival. And how to welcome the warm season if not with the return of our beloved mopeds, but in style? Dozens and dozens of fifties, of all ages followed one another in the various tests that we had thought up for the participants registered for the event (gymkhana, show your racing vehicle contest, mechanics test…) and more , because one of the great protagonists was the public…. it was you!

So many guests!

We have gathered many special guests that you probably already know, and who have collaborated with us to give life to a slap-up stunt show: the most famous masked of all YouTube, aka Paky, attended both days destroying his F12s and signing hundreds of autographs, accompanied on the show by the showman par excellence Henry Favre, co-ordinator of the event and super speaker now counted among our ranks for years (pioneer of Malossi Gas). Mattia Cattapan from Crossabili was also on the stage of the Miscela Day, with his Phantom full Malossi, who testified to his social commitment to raise awareness of the topic of protection and responsibility in the saddle, but also the brand new face Mattia Sorbello, who joined us from Sicily to delight us with his performance on his bike.

The sponsors

An event that we are very proud of, which was also supported thanks to the presence of two super sponsors who provided us with delicacies to distribute to everyone (as if the super track of piadine wasn’t already enough): specifically we are talking about Gorilla Energy Drink and Noberasco, former sponsor of the Malossi Racing Academy, here at the first season, which this year sees 10 new rookies on the track astride the brand new Italjet Drasgter 200cc pimped by Malossi. Among these, a dutiful mention goes to a masked content creator, Devais, and to the sister of one of the first youtubers to try his hand at the technical side of mopeds, Guzz, who stopped by to greet us at the end of the event as he was super busy in the Malossi Trophy races they happened on the track at the same time as the circus of the Miscela Day.

…and many activities

Races that were broadcast, like every year, live on the Trofei channel, and during which 60 people selected from the Miscela Day audience had the opportunity to experience first-hand thanks to a private tour that took them directly on the starting grids. An exciting pit walk experience full of twists and turns, such as the arrest of the “arabinero” Paky against his colleague Devais. However, even the members of the Miscela Day took to the track directly with their vehicles, yes: an evocative and colorful parade enlivened Saturday with 3 laps during which some remained on foot and others experienced the thrill of try the curbs of Modena.

Let’s not forget to mention the many games and activities that adults and children were able to test firsthand: from the rollers contest, to the first MotoTrainer scooter simulator (already present at our booth at Eicma and renewed with a new vehicle, the Aerox), up to the Malossi shop full of souvenir gadgets of this memorable event.

We can, once again, say “mission accomplished”. A party that was a huge success, to the point of thinking of a second version soon. Who knows. For sure we will amaze you again very soon with many other news and miscela events.