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Saturday … sun, rain and mud!

The day starts like this: in 6 guys on an isolated track to jumping and letting us take pictures. I ended up there by chance. For the first time, I find myself driving in a serious circuit, with strong emotions. At every jump I have the doubt of how I will land and the adrenaline in trying anyway, being up there, on top of the world.

In the afternoon, everything changes. The sun gives way to rain and everything becomes splashed with mud. Obviously we are there and we continue to run. The goal is to get dirty, tarnish others and have fun like never before. Sweaty, dirty, to get rid of moped scooters, to slip and toil… never happier than this …

Guys united by a single passion, grown with a single smell – the gasoline mixture – with the desire to confront and learn, staying up until 3 am close to the engines to modify them and make them faster and faster, telling anecdotes about failed attempts.

What about my moped? I found it in a cellar and I promised the old owner to always treat it with care… I almost got it on fire, while attempting to put a central reinforcement bar on it, forgetting that I had a full tank though…

And here so many stories have been told. You feel understood but, in a certain way, you feel part of a big family which I hope I could meet again soon!

Thanks Henry, thanks Malossi camp!




Hi! We are Carmelo and Alessio. Always fascinated by Malossi and its beautiful creations, we decided to participate in the Malossi camp! Our problem? Living 1300km away! We are two Sicilian boys and despite all the difficulties, we took part in this beautiful project.

We also prepared our Piaggio Si, but the distance did not allow us to participate with it. Never mind… the legendary Henry Favre gave us one of his moped to make us enjoy as much as possible. We choose the easiest way to have tents and sleeping bags: we decided to go by bus. Canicattì – Verrua Savoia is not sudden! After a 29-hours-travel, we were finally on the campsite and we immediately started working on the motor set up. The first problem, the flywheel did not enter the venue … let’s fix it and go! Alt … we didn’t find a pulley belt, so we changed the hub, we find one with variator and it was off!

Alessio, my younger brother jumped in the saddle and didn’t go down anymore.

The second day we woke up at 7 am and already everyone was on the scooter! What a thrill to see all those guys – including my brother – dismantle and reassemble their vehicles!

About 4 pm on the second day … rain! Don’t worry, the most daring, including us, certainly didn’t stop for a matter of four drops… so in the rain, and full of mud, we continued with the camp! On the third day, with sadness in our hearts, we took everything apart and left for Sicily: another 22-hours-travel and we arrived home tired but satisfied.

I wanted to thank Malossi, Henry and all those who contributed to the success of this event. An experience that we certainly want to repeat because the Malossi camp … is the Malossi camp!

See you soon, I hope!

Carmelo e Alessio



For me, the Malossi camp was an extraordinary and very exciting experience, because I was able to meet guys who have the same passion as me, and who, like me, feel this as an indispensable part of their lives.

This common passion helps us to collaborate and to be immediate friends with people who come from all over Italy and who you have never seen. I don’t know how it happens, but it’s an extraordinary feeling. As had already happened in the fantastic “Malossi winter camp” also on this occasion there was the desire to get dirty, to work on our vehicles and above all to make small competitions between us guys. One thing that really struck me was the moped tuning course, very interesting!

The event was extraordinary, with rollers flying everywhere, prizes in industrial quantities, a lot of mud for everyone and wonderful tracks where you could destroy your scooters. I brought the Mini Califfo with the Phantom f12 lock, a vehicle that always gives me so many emotions! During the three days (of course) my scooter broke down Fortunately, with a little ingenuity and the help of the legendary Henry Favre, I managed to repair it and enjoy the remaining time. This is also the Malossi camp!

I hope that Malossi and Henry will organize similar events in the future, to feed the passion, which unfortunately is fading away, of being together, to get your hands dirty in a garage … which is the best feeling in life!

I will never stop thanking everyone who organized the event, and my parents allowing me to go because it was an unforgettable experience, the kind of dream that stays with forever…




We will do it again, of course

When I read the messages, the comments and I see the photos of that great new group of friends, I understand they are real smiles.

They didn’t pose but in all the photos they smile.

They smile even if they have the scooter broken in the mud and it is raining.

I found that group of healthy kids, real and growing up having things to tell, real and genuine.

For a while, it seemed to me that I lived in that age where I never lived, the age that parents and grandparents told us.

When kids were playing “ Capture the Flag” and used trees to climb. When there was no sushi but the salami sandwich, with crunchy bread.

I think the Camp is a brief moment in which you can catapult yourself into the past when the scooter was everything, it was fun, passion and happiness. This time we were many, with lots of scooters; we were so many that the last day there were still people who had to present themselves and at “hello thank you see you next year” I did not know who they were.

There was mud, really a lot of mud that allowed the boys to have fun and not seize for the dust of the sandy soil that would have ended up everywhere. Well, yes the mud was all over.

You see smiling boys folding the sleeping bag in puddles like a bundle and you think and understand that those kids will have something to tell their children, and they will grow them in the same way.

Of course, someone complained about the water entering the tent, the noise at night of boys changing rollers and flying Segers in the meadow; but this confirmed the uniqueness and the “savage” of the camp.

On the other hand, it is called Camp.

When you go camping in the mountains you don’t even have a power bank to charge the phone. We actually had some comforts such as a bathroom and a super tank that served as a shower! But that’s the beauty, for a weekend without WiFi, with pizza slices, rollers, a freezer that didn’t work properly, ropes between the trees made of sweatshirts to dry other sweatshirts.

The Malossi Camp is something you can’t get elsewhere in or at other times.

The thing that surprised me the most, in addition to seeing a lot of happy kids, was to hear these words from a guy: “you know Henry, we’re in the mud, we don’t have shiny bikes and we do not have fake sponsors t-shirts, we do not even have a girl who takes the picture while we rear up: we are real and happy”.

And that is why I would like to repeat the Camp one, two or many times again.

Never stop Malossi Camp!

At EICMA I will be present at the counter to throw stickers and shout on the counter, to gather all the crazy boys, who burn with our same passion.

Come and visit us: we tell you about the Camp … what you see in the beautiful photos, it is a small part of what happened …

Henry Favre, the one who is recovering the voice now after 1 month from the Camp