Pubblicato in Events il 18/04/2019

Live for 24 hours as a Malossi mechanic and racing pilot.

This is the goal of the Scootermatic Junior, the new Trofei Malossi category that kicked off Saturday, March 30th at the Modena circuit.

Six boys selected from among many candidates, six scooters ready to be disassembled and reassembled with some racing components, 2 Malossi mechanics to assist them and Henry Favre in motivating the boys and moving the scene.

The ingredients for success are all there, as those directly interested confirm:

“The chance to experience the thrill of riding in a track for experienced pilots, with the scooter prepared by you, was an extreme emotion!” Francesco

“For those who, like myself, are attending a course to become a mechanic, working alongside Malossi mechanics is a dream come true. It has been a privilege to work side by side, and I must say that the tension due to their presence and that of photographers and operators have put me in awe, making even routine operations… not obvious!” Mario

“It was a beautiful experience! Since there are four more planned events for this season… I want to come back! “Christian

Next stop: 11 May on the Cervesina (PV) circuit.

If you want more information or to apply, you will find all the answers HERE!