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From empty tube to legend

From empty pipe to legend: spartan and shamelessly racing with its brushed aluminum silencer, characteristic with its high curve, recognizable from miles away for the typical baritone sound it is capable of producing, the Trofeo Malossi exhaust for scooters , known by all simply as “the Trophy one” is not a simple muffler, much less a trivial empty pipe: no, this expansion has been for years the object of desire of a generation of fiery engines and mechanics, eager to mount on your scooter the ne plus ultra when it comes to elaborate scooters.

Malossi Trofeo exahust. shamelessly racing

When was the idea born?

To reconstruct the history of the “Trofeo” and understand how it achieved its mythological status, we have to go back to the early 1990s, when the first scooters landed on our roads. At the time, with rare enthusiasm and courage, Malossi was the first to smell the success that the “plasticones” would soon have. Timidly arriving in Europe from Japan, sport scooters literally invaded Italian streets within a few years, becoming the symbol of freedom par excellence for anyone about to turn 14. Precisely the intuition to start producing spare parts and tuning kits for scooters allowed Malossi to be the first to explore a territory still unknown to many and in those years a series of components was born which have been the cornerstones of the Malossi catalog ever since. ; above all the legendary Multivar variator, which worked its miracles hidden inside the crankcase and of which we have also examined the most intimate detail on page page. In that era of experimentation and adaptation of racing technology applied to two-stroke, Malossi found itself having to solve an apparently insurmountable problem: the classic expansions for two-stroke engines could not be installed on racing scooters due to the regulation according to which they must not overhang the hull.

The exhaust of dreams

Thus was born the famous Scooter racing MHR, the scooter expansion par excellence and progenitor of all the expansions that would arrive on the market in a few years. Built by exploiting all Malossi’s know-how regarding two-stroke engines and winking at competitions, this muffler was capable of transforming the character of a scooter, transforming a quiet vehicle for getting around town into a real racing car race, capable of making its voice heard with strength and vigor, with courage and determination. The performance that this muffler allowed and its racing charisma have elevated it to a status symbol, making it the most desired component by anyone who spends nights in the garage looking for even the last bit of horsehair.

We’ve given it a makeover: the new tubes

Shamelessly racing. The noise, the aluminum finishes and the wide curve spoke for you: having a real racing piece intended only for the most hard-fought and prestigious competitions was a real advantage, you felt exclusive and special. The Malossi Trofeo, with its status, is perhaps the only one of the dozens of expansions that were introduced at the time to have survived until today, keeping both its status and its stainless charm unchanged. On the other hand, in its various forms, perfected year after year, Trofei Malossi after Trofei Malossi, this is not just a muffler, it is not an empty pipe and it is not even a tamarro accessory; it is simply the best on the market. Today, to make the exhaust branded with our logo even more iconic and racing, the new colorful silencer pipes in anodized aluminum are waiting for you in our Store and in all retailers. single color (nitro blue). Already present at Eicma