Pubblicato in Malossers il 01/02/2023

47 days. Left number. But we are not superstitious! 47 are the days until spring. The season of love but, above all, the season in which we take back everything that winter has taken from us: the exits on our splinters. Sunday is Carnival, and you already know it, in less than no time the first teporini will begin, the first signs of the awakening of nature… Carnival is the perfect time to prepare our racing car for the first squeres of the season. Think of your vehicle: it’s hibernating. Think about yourself: in the morning, 5 minutes after the alarm goes off, you are not able to run 100% down the stairs. For anything that contains an engine, it’s more or less the same after a few months off.

How should we organize ourselves for this awakening from torpor? We asked our Henry, someone who (does not) know about torpor, given that apparently (Dakar) tends to rest a little.

How do you ‘awaken’ a two-wheeled vehicle?

“One of the first things to do is clean the jet of the carburettor. If the gasoline has been sitting for months, it has likely deposited and this can cause engine starting problems. Furthermore, if we are talking about 4-stroke vehicles, it is important to check whether the oil is still in good condition, and replace it if not. Even a new spark plug can make a difference to the functioning of the engine.”

But then it’s easy. That’s all?

“Not at all. Let’s not forget to check the fork oil seals and tire pressure, for example. A well-lubricated fork and tires with the right pressure will ensure safer and more comfortable riding. Also make sure that the air filter is in perfect shape and ready to grind out a summer of kilometres. In summary, with a few simple steps we can prepare our Malossi moped to better face spring and have fun with the first scuffs of the season.”

In short, Henry: Grandma’s saying “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” still applies

“Exactly. Before leaving with the entire variator closed, make sure that the Ciao you are about to inherit is in perfect condition: before fantasizing about the new big deps, check the tank for rust. We know very well that after the condenser, dirt in the tank is the least appreciated by our racing cars. Carry on with the work and get yourself some variator side panels: [spoiler alert] thanks to the new Gearbox it will be a piece of cake to convert your pulley for uphill pedaling!”

Now run to the store to see the novelties that the Malossi laboratories have given birth to. And be ready!

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