Pubblicato in Malossi GAS il 10/01/2023

*wasps and volcanoes, in Icelandic

No rotten whale, on the other hand a lot of rotten. Which fortunately worked properly. To face an extreme journey in one of the most extreme lands. Among those that emerged. A Plen Tubo (“full throttle in Friulian and a jargon that doesn’t just mean full throttle, but a way of doing things fully without ever stopping”) a Friulian couple with a passion for communication and adventure who she embarked on an (im)possible mission: to leave for Iceland and take a tour inside. And it must be said that even if we’ve never been there we can imagine how comfortable it is to go there on a Vespa, amid impossible temperatures even in summer, pouring rain (even in summer), roads to ford, etc.

They had already made many trips on a Vespa and even on a motorbike. Left Pordenone for Berlin, the Balkans, Italy a little everywhere, then Albania. During the lockdown period, a tour from Friuli to Sicily, so as not to miss anything. Everything to prepare yourself psychologically, technically and spiritually for the idea of ​​bringing two old Vespas to the land of geysers. Old Vespa yes, but hyper-malossized and – therefore – ready for anything.

Everything except the sudden change in temperature of 40 degrees: “the last stages were at about 0°, zero 5° and we got here, one was close to 40”, tell the A plen tubo, who continue “we set off with two Vespas and technical clothing motorcycling, be prepared for any climate. We faced a very strong and dangerous wind, which surprised us too, so much so that we saw numerous campers overturned on the road. We decided to cut off a part of the Ring Road, opting for the F35 road, dirt and about 200 km long, which crosses Iceland from south to north, between two glaciers. The scenography was absolutely unique, it seemed to be on Mars! Be prepared for any eventuality, we brought with us all the tools and things necessary to the repair of the vehicles, such as the battery, the ignition unit, the inner tubes, the oil and everything needed to make the mixture. We also brought a galley with us to prepare food during the trip”. Adventure, travel, not tourism. Which is inevitable if you ride a Vespa: “the Vespa transforms you no longer into a tourist motorcyclist but into a traveller.”

The travel size is something we like. Since the Vespa is a relatively slow vehicle – however pimped it is! – makes those who use it very different from those who use motorcycles, in the eyes of the many locals you meet: “Vespa is likable! Everyone approaches, talks and approaches each other in very, very different ways”. Festina lente, the ancients said: hurry slowly. A condition that is much more similar to traveling on foot or by bike and which also relates you to people in a different way, not just to the territory in which you are exploring the people”.

Two hundred kilometers of dirt road and quite difficult at times. Even a ford – luckily it wasn’t that high – so we could also do it with the Vespa. In short: a route suitable for 4×4 or enduro, certainly not for Vespas which, however, did it great. They performed well. Water everywhere: “fortunately the suits held up on the chest and legs, but it was tough. At least I had my hands full of water in my gloves, with the cold and there it must go on. That it was certainly a more critical moment, it wasn’t even trivial to dry a disaster overnight”.

Living the limit is a useful experience. When you’re in it you can’t escape: “what do you want to do? You can’t say I’ll stop at a bar or somewhere. It was a straight 90 km, you just have to get there”. Just arrive. That’s all that matters. Possibly safe and sound. Ready to open the gas wide for the next adventure with Malossi GAS.