Enthusiastic, innovators: like Malossi.

Pubblicato in Events il 02/11/2022

It’s time to skid. Now in the land of Lombardy my pilots / leave the garages and vans to Milan. Ah, didn’t the poem of the poem say so? Anyway: school has started again for two months, autumn never seems to arrive, nevertheless we feel great. And like every year, we migrate north towards EICMA, better known as the “Milan Motorcycle Show and in Italy as the cycle and motorcycle show, the most important world exhibition of reference for motorized two wheels”. And if Wikipedia also says it, which is the most important in the world… surely it is because we are here.

Always our moment of truth: your gaze on us, the enthusiasm of the Malossers in the flesh in front of our hottest news. It is at EICMA that we renew our mission every year: to make you break everything always and in any case by living to the fullest. And even beyond. Everything is new this year.

Tell me you are at EICMA without telling me you are at EICMA.

Let’s start from the corner back to the ninenties (for the nostalgic but also for you of Gen Z / Gen Alpha) with a spectacular pimp my ride by Enko, the author of our most iconic graphics here struggling with a Booster on steroids, with wonderfully revisited livery with colors and flavors that make Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place so much (well if you don’t know what they are, ask the forty-year-olds in the room). A product on which one of the bright new silencers designed to escape from the dullness and against the wear and tear of modern life that you will find a preview only at the fair would break.

The appointment is for Tuesday 8 at 11 am, mark it in your diary or follow us live on https://www.instagram.com/malossi_official/

Are you a workshop type, or not? Workshop types, however, not approved. But if you are still the type of workshop who love shapes and who organize all year round according to when the summer season returns and you can go back to scraping then when it is bad and you have to close yourself to disassemble and reassemble everything then when there is it is EICMA in short, if your year is maloxicentric then maybe (but only maybe) you will be interested in knowing that Malossi Year is about to come out. Things? A clue: it starts with “cal” and ends with “rio”. But no spoilers.

Are you curious to know more? The appointment is for Thursday 10 at 11am

The dress does not make the Malosser, of course. To be really so, you need essential things – invisible to the eye: courage, the desire to run and not to be approved. Never. But you know, being part of the tribe also requires making yourself recognizable, even when you dismount from the saddle. With Malossi WE (second edition, after the first release a couple of years ago) we wanted to immerse ourselves in the night. At that moment when we are freer to give gas. At night, when the fluo of our scooters and our overalls stands out even more. At night, when it’s just us with our fears and our desire to overcome them, one after the other.

Are you curious to have a copy? The appointment is for Friday 11 at 11 am, you can’t go wrong

How many times has it happened to you to simulate? It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl: sometimes you have to pretend. Even for a good purpose: to learn how to do it for real. And this is the case: in Vallelunga he split, in Milan he will certainly not disappoint. What? But the legendary Moto Trainer (“the most famous simulator in the world (the one used in MotoGP, to understand) who mounted a scooter for the first time. The legendary ZIP full Malossi”> Those who came to Vallelunga have already tried it in preview

Get in line, every day from 10am to 5pm

Luca started fiddling with motorcycles before going to school. Or maybe instead of going to school. But it does not matter: formed and forged by the road, addicted to horses (in the sense of the mhp), the girls go crazy for him at least as much as the boys are inspired by the decisive attitude with which he faces the curves. Luca will be with us with all his enthusiasm, ready to answer your questions and sign anything. Welcome to “the Supermalossers. Icon “. With Luca Salvadori.

With us both Saturday and Sunday. See you at Eicma show from 8th to 13th november!