Pubblicato in Events il 22/07/2022

MUD: a little gathering, a little rave, a little mission impossible

Apocalypse Moped. In the end, a bit of a summary of our mantra: now go and break everything. Here, maybe not everything, but almost. Objective: to take to the extreme the ability of pilots and makeshift vehicles to face a war path. A malosser stuff. Certainly very very wild.

Malossi struck again. Together with Henry Favre, indefatigable irrepressible indisputable, face hands and head like a malosser par excellence, he gave birth to MUD, the event that was born for young and old, destined to become a fixed appointment in the years to come. A moment of celebration, challenge, fun and with more than a pinch of student spirit.

There was a zero edition, the one seemed too much and we went step by step. In the charming Verrua Savoia, near Turin, on 16 and 17 July. We wanted to do something fresh, without inconvenience, to really focus on the one big goal: to bring our old wrecks to a glorious end.

How did it go? As it should. In the scorching Piedmontese summer, the heads are burned. The good news is that nobody actually got hurt. And that there was no grasshopper invasion. The bad thing is that a few dozen scooters have breathed their last among platoons of bloodthirsty mosquitoes (hired for the occasion) and a fuss worthy of a post-atomic film.

MUD, an apocalyptic event. On the other hand, they are all capable of standing under an umbrella and with their feet soaked in a weekend in mid-July. Only the brave decide to break with skidding falls and laughter. Seriously: the severe drought of this period did not help, and it is clear that this is a wake-up call that affects us all: the world is changing.

As we gear up for the uncertain future that awaits us, at least in the meantime, let’s have fun.
MUD was a very exclusive party of which we can reveal only a few details (some are too gory: next time you will have to come).

The call to arms