Malossi Delivery 2: applications for the most popular web series reopen!

Pubblicato in Malossi Delivery il 17/03/2021

The web series that makes you fly!

By popular demand, the YouTube web series which drove everyone crazy last year, is back! Henry Favre is ready to get back on the saddle of a “new vehicle”, not in the literal sense, and leave for the Malossi Delivery 2! The geek from Valle d’Aosta will reach the homes of some lucky guys who will be selected through social applications on our Instagram channel

This time we are ready to take Malossi Delivery to the limit and make real dreams come true with two-wheeled vehicles! The new web series will literally make you fly. From north to south of Italy, riding his moped with an evidently Malossian color scheme, Henry will help the chosen ones to fix their vehicle and carry out noteworthy feats together.

Our good Henry confided to us: Happy to fasten your helmet again and set out in search of healthy and non-carburated youth people. They will be neat candidates and with all the compasses in order in the drawer; or we will talk about closing the engines in the mud and heat the crankcase with the stove? We will find out only by living. Delivery two, god of engines, we are in your hands! “

How to participate and become protagonists on our Youtube channel?

Do you live in Italy and would you like to carry out an unthinkable undertaking with your vehicle? So we are waiting for your application, it is very simple:

  • – Make a video lasting up to 59 seconds, where you introduce yourself, show us your vehicle and tell us your dream in the drawer to be realized together with your moped!
  • Post the video on your Instagram profile by tagging our profile @malossi_official, and using the hashtag #malossidelivery2

⚠️Set your profile as public otherwise we will not be able to see it and not delete it

 👉 Cross your fingers and, last but not least, TAKE THE GARAGE IN ORDER!

The winners will become the new protagonists of the series on YouTube and will be contacted directly by us!

Watch the introductory video to Season 2 and keep following us on all our channels so you don’t miss an update!