Pubblicato in Malossi Delivery il 21/10/2020

Forgotten two-wheels from all over Italy, unite! Our Henry Favre will be travelling around the Country riding his vintage vehicle, also known as Ciao Porter, to deliver Malossi spare parts directly to the home of some lucky ones’ vehicles, and giving them new lifeblood.

Malossi Delivery, this is the name of the adventure that will involve the winners of the contest of different italian regions and our “special correspondent”. In order to apply and have the chance to be part of this new adventure, they will need to make a video, upload it to their Instagram profile, tag @malossi_official and insert the hashtag #malossidelivery in the text.

Malossers who will be able to convince the internal jury will be the protagonists of the new web series on our Youtube channel which will start at the end of June. The guys, together with Henry, will have to get their hands dirty, developing their two-wheeled vehicles and then test its performance and improvements.

The new Malossi project seems to have all the credentials to become a successful mini series. These are Henry’s words: “I am used to meeting new boys at the Camp. They come with a bag of clothes and that of tools. This time it’s my turn to go to their house! We will see what will happen in this new adventure around Italy , laughing about stories of peeled knees and worn pistons. I am convinced that there are really interesting guys ready to show me their bunkers full of tools where they spend time screwing bolts and screwdrivers.”

Are you ready to live this new experience made of sweat and dirty hands with us? You can follow it on our Youtube channel and on all our social networks! 3,2,1… Malossi Delivery!