Pubblicato in Events il 01/06/2020

The last time we were happy.
There was nothing special. We were simply together and breathing deeply into the air.
The last time we were happy we were the center of the world, a nothing in the universe, and everything, everything, seemed sensible … even the most senseless things.
We know it: to be happy, we must be free.
Free to go, without constraints, to turn the throttle, help a broken friend, listen to an abnormal beat in the head, trudge on top of a hairpin, bend over the handlebars to better cut the air.
Only in this way do we feel alive. Free and not homologated, unique, and beautiful precisely because they are dented and rusty, perfect in the eyes of those who love us.

If you recognize yourself in these words, then will become your reference point, your manual against homologation.
The true Malossers meeting place, of those who are not afraid of being themselves, of growing, of changing, of facing their fears.
Of those who believe that experiences and passions are worth more than a designer shirt and a pair of sneakers. That a peeled knee can be proudly exhibited at any age. is the site where you can find interviews, suggestions, reviews, travel stories, experiences shared by those who recognize themselves in the fluorescent red orange and yellow Malossi colors – who are 14 or 100 years old.
It is the site where you can share the thrill of the day before leaving for an adventurous journey, the haste to try the latest elaboration, to relive the sense of brotherhood of the afternoons spent sharing tools, rollers and garages, with the scent of coffee mixed with the smell of oil and petrol.
After the great success of Miscela magazine paper version, launched on EICMA 2019, its digital alter ego is finally available: the site you are now visiting. is a place where you can cultivate your passion for two wheels, laugh, be moved, learn, preview what is going on in your head, meet Malossi’s friends and stand out, without distorting yourself, from the crowd.