Pubblicato in Malossers il 16/04/2020

As two parts of the same component match perfectly to discharge the maximum power and energy, the same happened in Malossi and Fabio Canetoli meeting, 35 years ago: an accelerator of skills, experiences, successes.
Malossi and Fabio paths were destined to cross.
Being born a few meters from the factory, spending the days in dad Franco’s garage and sharing the same passion for engines and speed.
At that point, they gave birth to a collaboration that made Malossi what it is today.
No one could have said it, perhaps Fabio only dared to dream of it: Head of the Research and Development department.


A role made of endless working hours, invested in experimenting side by side with Mr. Ugo and Andrea Malossi, regardless of the hour or calendar.
On Friday, instead of closing a working week, he opened the Trofei Malossi race weekends. Fabio saw Trofei Malossi’s birth and also helped them to grow. “By participating – he recalls – in the early 90s also in the scooters debut. We were at Bologna Motor Show: 12 pairs of drivers to confront each other in area 48. I was in the unusual double role of preparer and driver, teamed up with Piero Bolognesi and personally supervised the vehicle’s preparation. The second place I conquered, gave me great satisfaction. ”
During Trofei “I am there for everyone, I make no concession or gifts to anyone. I am there to provide a service, to give advice and suggestions, to put each driver in the same condition. And to receive from the track the answers we need: where pilots see competitive spirit and desire to win, I see the opportunity to test products, materials and insights”.
The desire to try to achieve perfection, to move the limit further and further, led Fabio and Malossi, in collaboration with Drudi, Pirelli, Mauro Sanchini and Jorg Muller, to build a 6 world speed records scooter on the Bonneville salt lake track – Utha (USA) in September 2017, – records still unbeaten (World Records on launched kilometer and on launched mile for the 50 cc category with the speeds of 114.823 km / h (71.347 mph) and 71.294 mph (114.737 km / h). World Records with a speed of 133.002 km / h (82.643 mph) on launched kilometer and 82.436 mph (132.668 km / h) on the launched mile for the 85cc category and 142.088 km / h respectively (88.289 mph) and 88,181 mph (141,914 km / h) with 100cc engine).

“It was a very intense experience, with great commitment and huge satisfaction. We created a team, coming from different realities, able to immediately turn at maximum speeds and produce amazing results. Then, in the context of the Bonneville track, where the best drivers, mechanics and trainers get involved, the satisfaction for the company completed further increases”.
When you are a predestined, your favorite song is a premonition: don’t stop me now by Queen…