Pubblicato in Milestones il 07/04/2020

“Survival kit for non-homologated people”, says Miscela payoff, the new Malossi magazine projected to ignite people’s passion; both for those who had the Malossi sticker on their Vespa as for those who were yet to be born but was already fed on bread and engines.
The company’s fluorescent colors saturate the pages, a contemporary sign characterizes an object designed to impact and to be clearly distinguished from the mass. Precise and cutting-edge lettering, an emotional, full-page iconographic apparatus, all in a refined and (self) ironic conceptual perimeter made up of narrative titles and wordplays: this magazine promises to become the reference point for the entire two-wheel and outdoor enthusiasts community, who talk about escapes and returns, work and leisure, exploration and attention to details.
which narrates the mopeds world to an evolving community made by today and past young generations united by a single passion for doing with hands as well as with the head. Open to the digital, of course, but aware of the need to remain linked to the analogical mood of getting dirty tightening a bolt and listening to the engine roaring at high speeds.

For this reason, we decided to launch the website miscelamag, the digital and updated version of our magazine, where you will find articles, interviews, insights, suggestions on the Malossi & Malossers real world.
Malossers: people who don’t need a pair of shoes, a TV series, a weekend to be happy… they need to be free to be happy.
Free to go, without limits, to go and discover, to be surprised by the unexpected, to go and get lost, to go and get our hands dirty with oil and face splashed with mud, to go and feel the butterflies in our stomach as the engine revs climb, to let go before next curve.
It’s not enough to turn the throttle to feel alive, but it helps. It’s not enough to stop and help a friend in need, listen to the engine knocking, reach the top of a hairpin bend, lean over the handlebars to catch less wind. It’s enough to make us feel alive. Alive like a pulsating brand, unable to stop, with people as passionate as they were on their very first day.

Reading miscelamag is an exhortation… to remind us to be free first and foremost. Free and not standardized, unique and different, more beautiful by our rusty dents, with that chromed, shiny detail, essential and visible only to the eyes of those by whom we are loved.
Miscelamag website will be your manual against standardization. A mix of recommended tools and instruments to confront your fear of growing, changing, evolving. Of being who you are.