Pubblicato in Milestones il 10/12/2019

“Survival kit for non-homologated people”, says Miscela payoff, the new Malossi magazine presented at EICMA, international motorcycle exposition of Milan, with an incendiary graphic design projected to ignite people’s passion; both for those who had the Malossi sticker on their Vespa as for those who was yet to be born but was already fed on bread and engines.

The company’s fluorescent colors saturate the pages, a contemporary sign characterizes an object designed to impact and to be clearly distinguished from the mass. Precise and cutting-edge lettering, an emotional, full-page iconographic apparatus, all in a refined and (self) ironic conceptual perimeter made up of narrative titles and wordplays: this magazine promises to become the reference point for the entire two-wheel and outdoor enthusiasts community, who talk about escapes and returns, work and leisure, exploration and attention to details.

That’s why Malossi presented at EICMA, in front of its wildest fans, Miscela magazine, which narrates the mopeds world to an evolving community made by today and past young generations united by a single passion for doing with hands as well as with the head. Open to the digital, of course, but aware of the need to remain linked to the analogical mood of getting dirty tightening a bolt and listening to the engine roaring at high speeds.

“We must have the courage to dare”: so our founder Mr. Ugo Malossi celebrated the birth of Miscela.

A set of things designed to remind us to be free and not homologated, unique and different. Miscela is a toolkit, a tip to face the fear of growing, of changing, of evolving. To be who you are.

“Speaking of the founder of Malossi one imagine an abstract entity, because his name is a trademark engraved in the mind of generations of tomboys. Then you happen to meet him in the workshop, and you understand that he exists and he is light years away from any cliché. You find it with greasy hands intent on removing a bearing, a small, insignificant thing. And yet.

Yet it is through these insignificant little things like this that Ugo Malossi has built his kingdom, one piece at a time. It all started when he was fifteen years old and he was hanging out his father’s bicycle repair workshop. For him the future has always been a state of mind, made of insatiable hunger and healthy madness, even now he is almost ninety years old, he spends his days in the company and does not stop thinking about how the business will grow, to design new pieces of this glorious story. He never stops working”.

“All the senses are necessary. But the ear, a trained ear is indispensable to hear the roar grow as the revolutions increase. His passion was born in the family workshop. It is a fire that lights up in the eyes when he talks about it and that can be seen in the style with which the company has established itself in its market: that fixed idea of ​​not being able to leave (almost) nothing untried, to gain even larger selections of public, especially the most demanding ones”.

Alessandra Malossi is Malossi par excellence, since all the way back in high school, when she would show up with her Bravo with pink head and be the envy of the school, and she never even gave it a moment’s thought to be Lady Malossi, she just wanted to be Alessandra, sure Ugo’s daughter, but in the end, a woman, doesn’t really fit in a world of scooters, now does she?

Au contraire, because she is today commercial manager of the company since graduation, building relationships in every corner of the world.

The life of a lady on the bridge is tough, having to decide every day which direction to follow, often into the unknown, to evaluate what often is imponderable, like the market.

The last time we were happy. I can’t remember it. Or maybe I can: nothing special had happened, but we were all together, taking full, deep breaths. I remember the air, the shortness of breath, that feeling of intoxication – and yet none of us had been drinking. The last time we were happy we were at the center of the world, a nothing in the universe, a smidgen, and yet we could feel everything.
To be happy, we must be free. Free to go, without constraints, to go and discover, to be surprised by the unexpected, to go and lose ourselves, to get our hands dirty with oil and face with splashes of mud, to go and feel the butterflies in our stomach as the engine revs climb, to let go before the next curve.
All this is enough to make us feel alive.
You are reading a Miscela of beautiful things, designed to remind us to be free and not approved, unique and different.
Miscela is your survival kit, your manual against homologation. A mix of tools, tools, tips to face the fear of growing, of changing, of evolving. To be who you are.

10 cl Prosecco
6 cl Martini Fiero Aperitif
2 cl Saffron soda
3 cl Olio and Fiero air
Bitter powder
These are the ingredients of the new Miscela cocktail created by the famous bartender Mattia Pastori.
The magazine launch was celebrated with an exclusive party at EICMA, the international motorcycle exhibition that took place from November 5th to 10th at Fiera Milano, in the presence of the main Malossi customers and dealers.

Miscela: Agitarsi prima dell’uso.