Pubblicato in Trophies il 16/10/2019

It’s like an actor looking at the mirror in the dressing room for the last time to check that everything is in place, or when he tries a sentence to make sure he is really ready. The days preceding the Vallelunga event are just like that. With your head projected and every thought committed there, to the appointment you can’t miss. What you are anxiously waiting for since August and the day you will be sorry for having already lived in October; the day buzzing in your ears for weeks. They are the World Malossi Days and the stage is the “Pietro Taruffi” racetrack.

The Vallelunga weekend is not just the final date of the Malossi Trophy season. It’s the race in which the results of the whole season are verified, maybe for a few centimeters of asphalt and a few thousandths of seconds to be gained on the opponents to snatch the category title. In that big spot of color invading the track from the paddock, in that cloud of gas, engines, tension and smell of burning tires, there is much more. There are the most beautiful day and a curtain that rises in the early morning of the last Friday of September.

From the gazebos, the steaming mochas spread in the air the coffee aroma that mixes with the smell of oil and gasoline. Among screwdrivers and easels, chatter, greetings and hilarity. Between hanging suits, waving in the sun waiting to be worn and taking a seat near flags of different countries. To remind that the Trofei Malossi don’t live of Italian pilots only, but also thanks to pilots who speak Spanish, French, Dutch and German. The offer of zero-stress trips is also strong, with the Malossi Rent formula which offers the possibility of supplying scooters prepared by Malossi mechanics and ready for the track, waiting only for their pilots.

Different colors and idioms to tell that in the World Malossi Days there are no borders and that in the paddock, everyone understands and speaks the same language. The soundtrack from the very first moment (when we met Tony Cairoli among the pits: never heard of his nine world titles in motocross?) until the Sunday night makes the atmosphere unmistakable: it’s the sound of the engines with the open gas ready to stop only for Friday evening, to leave the grounds for another music: it’s the gala evening.

A dinner was organized in the congress center, a few hundred meters from the track, with large round tables to accommodate the whole large family of Trofei Malossi from the staff to the teams, from pilots to mechanics as usual. All together in the name of food and conviviality, whit big screens passing the images of the about-to-end season, in a fun and relaxed evening.

Before everything goes back to being fire. Before that red, orange and yellow spot moves from the paddock to invade the track. Before dozens of scooters exhausts on the starting grid become a cloud of gas, tension, and competition. A moment before the traffic lights reminds pilots that this is their last chance to win the 2019 edition.

While for other pilots, in a game of different perspectives and points of view, the Vallelunga racetrack will remain, forever, the first time on the track. They are the participants of the ScooterMatic Junior, the Trofei Malossi novelty,  that allows young people to drive their own scooter in the most important Italian circuits. They have to tune their mopeds with the company’s mechanics help, to replace four original components with four Malossi ones: four components that they will bring home and hopefully help them understand if they want to be the pilots of the future.

In the end, to be a Malossi rider, you only need the pulse and the desire to share paddock and emotions. And the hunger to discover a future that is already around the corner: in fact, EICMA (international motorcycle fair to be held in Milan from 5 to 10 November)  it’s only a few weeks away. Over there Malossi will announce the 2020 edition calendar. With another curtain ready to stand up, while the Vallelunga one has just dropped.

Leaving the last look to the opponents on the starting grid as the actor who controls in the fitting room mirror that everything is in place. Lowering the visor while mentally reviewing the path, like an actor repeating a sentence to make sure he is really ready. Thinking back that the rest is just gas and stage, that is “a magic circle in which only the truest things happen, a neutral territory outside the jurisdiction of Fate, where the stars can be bypassed with impunity.”