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Go on a seven-day adventure, together with people who don’t know each other but share the same passion: the Piaggio Vespa.

7 days together, the French Dolomite passes to be tackled, the desire to experience the beauty of going slowly.

This is what the 5 protagonists of the Vespa tour -which took place on July 2019 – experienced.

Vespa is a vehicle that made history. I feel different. I belong to the community of those who continue to write history on every journey. Vespa always fascinated me with timeless lines and simple mechanics, as simple as all the things that work well… And simplicity is what we should try to bring in our trip.

Starting on a Vespa trip makes you rediscover a way of traveling slowly so that you have time to observe what is around you.

As you travel slowly you realize that Vespa, and the people who drive it, are capable of snatching a smile.

Seeing a sunset, a waterfall or rainy clouds and realizing that they are not taken for granted emotions, that every kilometer can give you an indelible memory if you only know how to appreciate it. And sharing these moments with other traveling companions comes naturally. I don’t speak exclusively of the fools with whom I physically shared the journey, but also those who ask me why I have those stickers with the French names, and they imagine themselves at my side, or you who are reading now, you are my travel mate.

It is all more pleasant with a company, a flat tire laughs, the most demanding climb seems less hard, the rain becomes a colorful storm. This experience takes you to your childhood, like laughing and jumping in puddles. Just remember those moments to be happy again.

Davide Tombacco

Everything started almost randomly, the result of a series of lucky combinations.

For work reasons this year, I could not have a vacation with my partner, so a “crazy” group of friends started me to propose this adventure … What better time to turn my summer around? When does an occasion like this happen to me again? A few seconds to process my thoughts and I immediately said yes!

The whole expedition would, therefore, have been composed of ten people, five wasps, a van for luggage and spare parts and a vehicle for shooting and cinema equipment. We planned to cover a part of the Route des Grandes Alpes, climbing to the top of legendary alpine hills, such as Izoard, Lautaret, Galibier, Iseran, Moncenisio, Colle Delle Finestre, Sommeiller and to sleep every night in a different place. All the right ingredients for a memorable experience!

As soon as we are together, a few jokes are enough to feel like a group and be ready to ride. During the day we climb the legendary French Dolomite passes, sometimes making us be surprised by the typical summer showers … and twice … even by hail!

Some days, on the other hand, the sun burns us. We let ourselves be caressed by the cool breeze, we stop at the most panoramic spots to eat something or just to chat with other people who are facing the same curves by bike or motorbike …we immediately feel in tune … we all are two wheels lovers!!

In the evenings, when we reach the hotels, even if we are tired we cannot stay still. Then you happen to find yourself in the garage finishing the last Vespa set-up, or just drinking a beer together, commenting on the wonders seen during the day.

The days pass quickly … we are concentrated and relaxed together, never fulfilled by the beauty and fun we are experiencing. Like all good things, our journey is coming to an end. It is time for greetings and hugs. We leave with the certainty of having experienced something special, much more than a normal holiday; because it was made on a Vespa because it was made together.

We have shared spaces and places, efforts, and laughter. We feel stuck by the passion for two wheels… and we also shared a bit of pride: finally, we are the protagonists of one of those adventures we only read on Malossi social media.


Massimo Furlanetto

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