Pubblicato in Events il 27/02/2019

Henry, how did you come up with the idea of the Malossi Winter Camp?

Probably I should answer this question with something professional, maybe even explaining and inventing things, studies and various things that describe the success of this bet. But no, I’m not at all ashamed to say that Malossi Camp was born at random, in a meeting with Malossi. I liked the idea of young people, dirty hands and that “backyard” atmosphere of thirty years ago. Basically, in those 400 kilometers of travel to go to that meeting, I thought about the camp. But I use to change my mind every second. At the second Autogrill, I was about to abandon the idea, convinced about the lack of success. After the meeting, we had already created the name, format, and date of the first edition. Now we are evolving… follow us because we will do great things!

What do you think of the guys who participated?

Uh, the guys are spectacular. Of course, there is that a bit ‘ shyer than others, the one who can not screw or unscrew, the one who throws the keys in the woods and the one that does not go down from the scooter until Sunday evening. We have all types, it’s really something I love about Camp. They always come from anywhere in Italy, then each time they bring suppresses, cheeses, pieces of bread and typical things. Behind the mechanics and the race, there is also a bit of general culture. Usually, it ends up that the boy from Brescia insults the Tuscan guy speaking with Veneto accent. It’s adorable, you should try to live these moments with us. I swear that next time I will try to document this, in addition to the part of the mufflers assembly.

What was the most challenging thing during the event?

Probably manage the boys and set up the camp. From what you see in a simple video, all the effort, the rake and the hours with the trimmer are not understood. On the other hand it is like a theater or a concert; first, it is a banal and anonymous square, then it is magic. For boys, however, once they charge the batteries to the megaphone and threaten them to throw sugar into the tank, they settle down. Of course, I am joking: with the guys, there is a lot of collaboration, magnificent even if changing at each event, you must always establish a relationship with them that starts from scratch.

The most strong memory that you bring home?

Probably applies to each edition and for each boy; see them arrive with a scooter ready to be taken to the landfill and with the clutch in hand, work two days and get a showcase means is the most satisfying thing. Probably I associate it with a smile or a crust on the knees of the boys who come and go in this new world called Malossi Camp.

What do you have in mind now?

Now I and the great Malossi family have in mind a lot of projects that we are going to unveil throughout the year. For now, I can tell you that I’m also approaching the world of scooters and that for some weekends I’ll have to deal with small wheels, with plastic and faster things. But I promise to have still a lot of guys having fun with those that do not have a definite name, made of iron and spoked wheels. In the meantime, I will cut off some travel time to carry on my big Ciao world tour.

What is the scooter for you?

Actually, I got a Zip, but for me, the scooter was a vehicle with an engine that I used to go to school. I had a Kymco Agility: it was always and everywhere. Scooters have perhaps less charm than a Ciao, a Vespa or something classic: but they still keep going. Whenever I use something that has an iron tank, I do not know how I get home. When it suits me, I go back up and down from the fields, when I feel bad … I go back to push.