Pubblicato in Malossers il 05/04/2018

Welcome back Yujin! We left you at the end of October, arriving in Calderara di Reno, at Malossi plant, from Beijing on your Vespa …

What have you been doing since?

I returned to Beijing by plane to enjoy a well-deserved break, see my family and organize the second part of my trip.

Now I’m here … ready to leave again!

What are your plans at the moment?

I want to visit Italy – it’s always been a dream of mine – and Spain. Then I will visit France and I would like to arrive in the Netherlands to see Amsterdam.

Do you plan to return to Beijing on a Vespa?

Yes, absolutely! Departing from Amsterdam, I plan to cross Europe to Romania and Bulgaria. Then I will go through Turkey and the Central Asian Republics to finally get to Beijing.

Did you realize, returning to China, the visibility and success your feat was achieving?

My adventure, with the technical sponsorship of Malossi, is getting excellent results! My Facebook page, I open just before leaving, already has more than 70,000 fans.

Even the views of my chinese travel blog have skyrocketed! This makes me very proud and happy!

We won’t keep you, then… it’s time for your trip to start again…

Thank you! I can not wait to “re-embrace” my Vespa and get back in the saddle: I’m very curious to visit Italy and southern Europe …

I hope that my Vespa, equipped with Malossi, will prove to be just as reliable as before: I have never had technical problems and it was a wonderful journey.

We wish you a nice journey Yujin, hoping to hear again about you … are you already thinking about your next venture?

Sure! I’d like to visit all of America … maybe riding an Harley Davidson…