Pubblicato in Trophies il 29/03/2017

After the three meetings & test sessions, Trofei Malossi are ready for another great season of emotions on the track, with an international visit.

The start of the thirtieth season of Trofei Malossi is upon us, with important confirmations regarding the performance of the scooters of all categories, as we saw in the meeting & test sessions that took place in recent weeks, the latest of which was on the Modena track.


After a fiery 2016 which celebrated the debut of the new engine capacity for the National Trophy for Fast Scooters, 2017 looks like being the year this category is consecrated: After long testing, teams and racers are now ready to work on the details in order to further improve the performance of their small racing bikes, as confirmed by the times they achieved on the Emilia circuit.

As previously announced in Milan by Mauro Sanchini during the last edition of EICMA, the absolute novelty of the Trophies for 2017, is called SprintMatic, the category that will see on the track the splendid Vespa Sprint, fully prepared by the Malossi technicians and equipped with a 185cc engine and special components that ensure all the vehicles have the same performance.

This new category was created to also give access to the Trophies to those who want to get closer to the world of racing on two wheels as a participant without needing to set up a team. The formula stipulates that all technical means are managed directly by Malossi mechanics and are assigned by lot before each competition to the respective racers, in order to ensure that participants have the most fun and that the public has the opportunity to see closely fought racing right up to the last centimetre of the asphalt.

On the Modena circuit the unmistakable icons produced by Piaggio demonstrated the ability to excite both public and racers, guaranteeing remarkable performances, reliability and ease of driving: Qualities that herald a great debut season.

A visitor from far away came to see us in Modena: Dennil Sagita, the CEO of SCOOTER VIP PT, the official importer for Malossi in Indonesia, who had the opportunity of testing the Vespa Sprint equipped with our racing kit on the track and for whom we had a few questions:

Malossi: Good morning Dennil, we know that in Indonesia Vespa is  much appreciated, could you explain why?

Dennil: Hello! Piaggio declared in 2016 during the Vespa World Days in Paris that Indonesia has the highest population of Vespa owners in the world! For us Indonesians this vehicle has a long story that began in 1946, when Piaggio began production of the first Vespa, through to the period from 1972 to 2005, when the Vespa was produced there, in Pulogadung, thanks to PT. Danmotors Vespa Indonesia. Vespa is a unique name that is able to bring together fans from the world of scooters, fashion and lifestyle in general. History teaches us that in the past some Catholic missionaries came from the Vatican to Indonesia, touring the country on Vespas! In 1972, even UNICEF gave this means of transport to 28 of its branches in the territory in order to facilitate the diffusion, house by house, of the National Family Plan. Well … there are many stories that link this vehicle to Indonesia!

M: During your visit, you had the opportunity to ride a Vespa Sprint equipped with the 185cc Malossi kit, designed for competing in the brand new SprintMatic trophy. What do you think of it?

D: This was my first experience on the track of a Vespa Sprint equipped with your kit! It was really exciting to be able to ride it on the Modena circuit and I enjoyed it a lot. I can say that with this setup the Vespa is powerful, easy to handle and with a superb torque! The increase in horsepower with respect to the original version is significant and the livery in your colours is really beautiful. Being able to ride this vehicle on the track together with so many riders of different nationalities was a very special moment for me!

M: What Malossi products are the most sold in Indonesia?

D: I think that your products intended for the new automatic scooters are very much appreciated in my country, especially the special parts such as the Maxi Delta Clutch for the Vespa, a product that is much desired by our customers. Other products which have sold a lot are the Multivar variators, the Kevlar belts, cylinders and exhausts…

We thank Dennil for having come to visit and remind you that to qualify as a rider in the SprintMatic Trophy, and to get all the information on how to enter, the costs and the schedule, please consult the relevant page on the Trofei Malossi website.

We shall meet on 2 April at the Acireale (CT) circuit in order to inaugurate the thirtieth edition of the Malossi Trophies together!