Pubblicato in Malossi GAS il 16/12/2016

Riding Fulvio, the new Ciao fitted for this adventure, Henry has finally arrived in Scotland.

Henry Favre, Ambassador of the Malossi GAS (Great Adventure Series) project, who previously reached North Cape in an Ape and toured Italy on a Ciao called Lello, has succeeded on another adventure: reaching Scotland with a new Ciao (called Fulvio), equipped with all the best Malossi components!


The journey was not an easy one, mainly for the time of year Henry decided to take his Ciao and notch up the kilometers on the way north. As he already told us, he had barely reached France before experiencing “pretty fresh” temperatures, down to minus 10 degrees in fact!


After reaching Paris and stopping for a few moments beneath the Eiffel Tower, Henry departed northwards again in the direction of Mont-Saint-Michel, his last French stop, before crossing the English channel and continuing the journey driving on “the wrong side”.


Scarcely off the ferry, he told us “the Odyssey began”: rain, wind and uneven roads increasing the difficulty of the journey.


Fulvio (the Ciao), behaved well even in these extreme conditions, forcing Henry to stop only a few times: once for a puncture and then for an engine stall due to water entering the filter. Water has become a faithful companion to Henry who, to dry out a bit, had to stop off at a hotel en route before getting back to full throttle and pushing further north.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Henry should arrive in the far north of Scotland in the next few days, after stopping to search for the famous Loch Ness monster, and then going further, beyond the Isle of Skye! And if that’s still not enough, get ready to learn more about this stunning and improbable journey, on his return, thanks to a documentary being shot by the people at Grobeshaus.

To find out how the adventure is going, follow the hashtag #ScoziaInCiao on Instagram and Facebook, or else follow Henry’s profile directly!