Pubblicato in Events il 23/09/2016

The most awaited event of the year for Malossi Trophies has begun.

The 23rd, 24th and 25th of September we look forward to seeing you at the International Raceway of Adria (RO) for an unmissable annual event that celebrates our commitment and our passion for racing: the World Malossi Day.


For this great occasion, the drivers which have competed for the titles of the many categories that have animated tracks throughout Italy during the season, which is now coming to an end, will take to the tracks. Our top riders will compete to win the historic National Scooter Speed Trophy and  the tough Scootermatic trophies, which will be supported by the World Malossi Day Cup, that will award the international title, given the presence of pilots from three continents. There will also be room for the newcomers of the Replica ScooterMatic Trophy and of the Yamaha R-125 Cup,  both exciting competitions that promise surprises at every turn.


Even fans of four-stroke motors won’t be disappointed: on this occasion the pilots of the TMax Cup and of the 4 stroke SuperScooter Trophy will face off, these categories enhance the Malossi commitment in the search for ever more efficient technological solutions.
The real news this year is the KYMCO Event 2016: a unique race, never seen before, where 12 international drivers from 8 different countries, which riding Downtown 350s prepared directly by Malossi, will face off on the Adria circuit to win the prestigious competition and bring home the great prize. This competition celebrates the partnership established between KYMCO and Malossi, two great entities, that on this occasion combine their forces to deliver pure raw emotions.


To not miss a single race have a look at the program of the event that you can find on the dedicated mini-site and visit us in Adria. The event is completely free!

Don’t worry if you can’t reach us! The Full live streaming of the races will be available on our YouTube channel and on the Malossi Trophy Facebook page!